Pirates Moustache and Beard Set

Pirates Moustache and Beard Set

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Pirates Moustache and Beard Set, A caribbean pirates black beard with attached gold coloured plastis beads, and moustache set, complete with peel off fixing patch. One size and colour only.


Product Note Status Price
Pirate Scarf Hat Pirate Scarf Hat
4.99 *
Captain Cutthroat Captain Cutthroat
29.99 *
Pirate Hat Pirate Hat
4.99 *
Pirate Cutlass & Eyepatch Pirate Cutlass & Eyepatch
6.00 *
Pirates Parrot Pirates Parrot
19.99 *
Cavalier Set Cavalier Set
3.00 *
Tooth Wax Black Tooth Wax Black
4.99 *
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