Brown Wigs

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Silk Spectre

Silk Spectre Wig, A salon quality wig, straight cut to the bust, washable, adjustable, silky soft. Adults and ages over 14 years old.

19.99 *
In stock

Cave Girl Bone Wig

Cave Girl Bone Wig, includes. A light brown coloured wig, tied on top, with cave woman bone detail. One size fits all.

14.99 *
In stock

Flowing Wig

Brown Flowing Wig, A deluxe quality brown shoulder length wig, parted in the centre, and washable, One size fits most.

12.99 *
In stock

Pin Up Brown Wig

Pin Up Brown Wig,  A 40s style brown fashion wig for any wartime, or movie icons costumes. With fitting hair net. One size fits most.

9.99 *
In stock

Brown Bob Wig

Brown Bob Wig, A short brown bob style wig, with straight cut fringe, One size fits most.

9.99 *
In stock

Rehab Wig

Rehab Wig. A  long brown soft curled wig with auburn streak and beehive top. One size fits all adults.



9.99 *
In stock

Wig Cap Natural

Wig Cap, A natural coloured wig cap. Stretches to cover hair. Suits all wigs. One size fits all adults.

2.99 *
In stock


Dorothy, Wizard of Oz, A salon quality ladies wig, washable, adjustable,  real hair feel. One size fits most.

17.99 *
In stock
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