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Rum Smuggler

Rum Smuggler. includes trousers, boot covers, jacket, shirt and waistcoat (attached), two belts, waist scarf, scabbard, hat with hair.

49.99 *
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Pirate, costume includes. A gents pirate shirt, waistcoat, trousers, headscarf, belt and bootcovers. See costumes details for sizes.

24.99 *
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Pirate Shirt

Pirate Shirt, Black Satin look pirate shirt, laced front, long loose sleeves, Fits up to Jacket size 46.

14.99 *
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Pirate Moustache and Beaded Goatee

Pirate Moustache and Beaded Goatee. A black coloured pirates beard and moustache set. One size only.

3.99 *
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Ghostship Pirate

Ghostship Pirate. Costume includes. Scarf with hair, EVA chestpiece, waist sash, pants and EVA gloves. See details for sizes.

29.99 *
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